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You, Me & US

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Resilience and resources for each other in times of trouble


Relating to others — whether friends, lovers, enemies or colleagues — we get to find out how far we’ve come. It’s all very well to be enlightened sitting alone on a mountain top meditating, but.....


Relationships pull us into the heart: not the fantasy-nice emoticon-heart, but the ragged realities we actually have going on, where we’ll often be found avoiding intimacy, denying the truth, and blaming someone else for our experience.

We’re in troubled times, globally, and yet the place where we really get to deal with that, where we can make a difference, is in our relationships. How’s that going for you? Are you contributing for breakdown or breakthrough?This workshop is a way to learn some new skills and heal some old hurts — deeply personal steps, for the sake of the world. 

Movement practice can be relevant, real, and revolutionary if we choose it so. Here’s a weekend to make things a little more conscious and deepen our capacity for warm-hearted honesty with anyone we come across, to rebuild connection and community.

You will learn how to: 

  • Listen to your body as a guide for navigating through life

  • Access a vibrant instinct for relating to others from your heart more than your thinking

  • Trust the mysterious wisdom of being part of something bigger than you, and the wild beauty of belonging to the human race

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About Adam


Adam Barley (UK) is the founder of ZeroOne, a new creative movement practice. He began studying healing and meditation in the early '80s, training with Gabrielle Roth in the '90s to teach the 5Rhythms, and has built a world-wide reputation for powerfully transformative embodiment work.

"I'm a big cat hunter and a butterfly with a broken wing, with a teaching style that tends to both depth and vulnerability. I have faith in us human beings, and am passionately committed to being part of the evolutionary jump we are engaged in."

ZeroOne: a movement meditation practice for individual and collective evolution. Total commitment to the moment: listening is subtle, vision is deep, action is bold. Nothing is ever the same. Transformation is everywhere.

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Friday 23/9 - 6.30pm to 9pm
Saturday 24/9 - 1pm to 7pm
Sunday 25/9 - 11am to 5pm


First slot (20 places) - 150€

Second slot (20 places) - 170€

Third slot (30 places) - 190€


R. Rainha Dona Luísa de Gusmão 4D



Register here.

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