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“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” Martha Graham




ART : latin ars, artis, way of being or acting, conduct, ability, science, talent, craft.
ARTESER (ARTBEING): the combination of two words forms another one with a new meaning. Existential art. Art integrated into life, bringing with it another meaning. Eminent and receptive to self-contemplation, in Love. LOVE as the starting point and arrival. Love as a life-generating force in its full planetary and individual recognition. In its full reencounter with the Being that, alive, it sees. 


✺ ARTESER RETREAT – 1st edition ✺´

For 4 days, a group of 18 people will be guided by Marta Carvalho and Rui Antunes. ARTESER retreat proposes an awakening guided through Art, nurturing the body and soul, in an invitation for change, associated with creativity processes, where experimentation breathes without fear. A space that is free of judgement, where the unconscious manifests itself without censorship. ARTESER intends to cultivate the return to the essential, a rescue of being present, listening to what blows in the mind, body and spirit.

Each participant will have a 100x100cm canvas as their semantic, pictorial and sensorial witness. This piece will be the travel journal that will crystalize the whole experience. A catalytic canvas that will be the main thread for the registration of all the alchemy and subject of a more attentive and present body-canvas study in its creation process. 

In this journey, you will:

- expand your vision and open internal paths so intuitive Art can manifest itself;

- travel through several sensorial and creation states; give voice to your emotions, gifts and talents;

- build and develop your own authorial and artistic language;

- acquire knowledge to express, create and deal with internal processes through Art

- have the chance to consolidate a regular practical and creative routine in their lives, aiming for a happier, fulfilled and genuine life.



- open space for self-knowledge, breakthrough and empowerment through art;
-  experience art as an initiation, opening and expansion of both an individual and a collective path;
- unlock any theme, idea or concept;
- deepen your language and aesthetics;
- reinforce the creative energy in your life;

About Marta & Rui


Marta Carvalho

Artist, creative midwife and guardian of free expression events. Guides self-development and artistic processes through individual mentoring, workshops, experiences, courses, retreats and artistic residencies. Creator and guardian of the artistic-therapeutic experience ART TEMPLE and founder of Creative Souls, a collective that blows the power of Art to the World.

All her work focus on self-knowledge, empowerment, expansion and evolution of the human Being, using creativity as a primordial source of energy, aligned with the path of the heart. Believes that Art is pure medicine for the Soul and the key to a New World. It is what moves her. ♡


Rui Antunes

Artist e painter, curator e producer of the collective painting project 100x100. All his work focuses on enabling awakening processes through Art, with more focus on painting. His work is delivered to the world and crosses the bridge of the responsibility for the other’s vision, the strength of the heart’s message, the vulnerability of exposure, the reevaluation of feeling, the opening of a space for the understanding of the human reflection, purpose and condition.



22 - 25 April, 2022


*If you register through us, you can ask for a 5% discount in any price option below


A. 455€
B: 405€
C: 355€


A. 485€
B: 435€
C: 385€


A. 530€
B: 480€
C: 430€


*A: Supportive Price - For those who have more financial availability and wish to support the project

*B: Normal Price 
*C: Supported Price - For those who do not have the possibility to pay the normal price



* Artistic materials included
* Limited number of participants
* No previous experience is needed.


Quinta da Enxara, 



To register, send us an email to

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