Art & Zen

with Suiko McCall


Bridging Art and Espiritual Practice -  2 days workshop

Have you experienced self-doubt in your creative practice? (Who hasn’t?)
How does your creative practice relate to your spiritual practice?
What would happen if these two paths were united in your life?

Explore the mountains and rivers of creativity as illuminated by the clear and bright liberated heartmind with Artist / Founder / Abbess of the Art Monastery Suiko Betsy McCall.

In this workshop you will learn to
- bridge your creative making with your spiritual practice,
- meditate while engaging in various forms of creative expression, and
- befriend your Inner Critic. 



“I now have a clearer vision of my art practice as one of the ways that I practice my spiritual path.”

—Claire D


“I’ve been taking Suiko’s retreats and programs since 2016. Suiko’s natural grace, ease, and wisdom have always nurtured me.”

— Nancy C


“This workshop reignited my art practice. It gave me enthusiasm, inspiration, and ideas for making. I am more confident in my making and my identity as an art maker. I’ve formed amazing friendships and community around making. I’ve deepened into my understanding of what it means to make, why it matters, and possibilities of how to create community around it.”

—Shenandoah W


“This program allowed me to trust my instincts and manifest my ideas into something tangible and not to question the validity of my impulses so much.”

—Mary W

About Suiko

IMG_3894Suiko copy.JPG

Suiko Betsy McCall is a meditating artist and a meditator who makes art.


She is the founder and abbess of Art Monastery, an artistic organization dedicated to cultivating personal awakening and cultural transformation through art, spiritual practice and reciprocal relationship with the earth. In Art Monastery, the artistic element (intuition, activism and re-wilding) is balanced with the element of the monastery (structure and schedules, personal growth and ancient traditions).

Suiko sees art as the seed of tomorrow's culture, to build a world where:

- Art guides our species back to a balance in the relationship with our more-than-human family,
- There is truly equality and justice for all beings,
- We rebalance male and female energies,
- We heal the wounds of ancestral traumas to overcome greed, aggression and confusion, and
- We align ourselves with the earth's natural cycles.

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Friday, April 15, 2022

Saturday, April 16, 2022

from 10:00 to 17:30


Centro Upaya, Lisboa



Early bird: 130 € until March, 31

150€ after March, 31

Includes materials

Lunch not included

* If you are not able to afford these prices, let us know to, we will find a solution!