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Jo Hardy

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Jo Hardy has worked with hundreds of people over the years as a psychotherapist, coach, mentor, supervisor, trainer, conscious dance teacher and group facilitator. Her movement work is informed by body-based psychotherapy, meditation and mindfulness, dynamic heart inquiry, awakening teachings and Joanna Macy.

Check Jo's upcoming events in Portugal in our agenda.

Jo's story

"Exploring what truly facilitates lasting transformation is my passion and has led me to study many perspectives, philosophies and modalities of transformational work.

I held a private practice of Contemplative Psychotherapy and Body Psychotherapy for 20 years and was a senior trainer on an MA program in Core Process Psychotherapy _at the _The Karuna Institute for 12 years.

Since 2004, I have been a Conscious Dance facilitator. I am an accredited teacher of 5 Rhythms, Open Floor and Movement Medicine and love each of these practices. I am also deeply inspired and influenced by many years of studying Amerta Movement with Suprapto Suryodarmo.

My work is also deeply informed by study with Joanna Macy and Thomas Hubl, involvement with Transition Towns Movement, an understanding of embodied trauma, and well honed body of wisdom about the process of personal and collective transformation.

As I gather years on Planet Earth, what matters to me most is the joy and profound healing of movement and dance, and its potential to profoundly enhance presence, embodiment and relatedness."

Jo's Offers

Conscious Dance workshops

Jo teaches 5 Rhythms, Open Floor and Movement Medicine workshops, as well as her own blend. She facilitates “personal and collective awakening beyond the stories we can get so bogged down in”.

Transformational Coaching

"We explore through your body and heart as well as your mind whilst tapping into the deeper field of your higher potential and your purpose."


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We have known Jo for many years and recognise in her a truly beautiful blend born of her many years of dedicated practice and enquiry. She is wise, funny and a truly unique dancer with a heart of gold and the uncompromising intelligence to match. She’s a force of nature who will stay with you wherever your journey leads

- Ya’Acov & Susannah Darling Khan - 

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Whether it’s 5 rhythms, ecstatic dance or just a bop!  Jo creates a space and invites you to dance and move from the core of their being.  Her wide selection of music is brilliant, from wild world beats to the sublime and angelic.

- Joyya Whelan -

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Jo is an outstanding 5 Rhythms teacher. Her work is rapturously received wherever she goes. She has 20 years of experience as a psychotherapist and group facilitator.    She is passionate about creating a space where the unique dance of each person can blossom and is known for her inspired and wide choice of music.

- Malcolm Stern- 

Hear the participants of Jo’s last event in Lisbon (We-Space I).

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