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Deep Ecology Through Movement

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You might have noticed that we are in a big mess. You might have heard that, in the next 5-10 years, life on Earth will change dramatically. You might even feel these changes already happening. You might be confused as the future you thought you were aiming for no longer makes sense or seems likely to happen...

What to do with all this? Do you give yourself space to feel all the grief and also the liberation this historical moment can bring? What if it can make you feel you more alive and aligned with your purpose than ever?

And perhaps the most important question: when was the last time you spoke with a tree?

In this workshop, we will find new ways to deepen our relationship with life's intelligence through intuitive movement in direct contact with (our) Nature. We will ask our most existential questions in a new way, an open and trustful way. A more universal way. The insight you receive from this quest might very well give a surprising turn to your life. For me they did.

This research is for everyone wanting to expand consciousness through embodiment practices. No previous dance experience is needed.

About Constança


Constança started as a consultant and trainer in social innovation, supporting collectives at finding ways to restore social and environmental health in our Earth spaceship. She soon realized something was missing in her economist efforts: we need to understand the roots and ways of emotions (especially fear and grief) if we really want a new human culture to emerge!

Over the past 6 years, she has done intense research on life's energetic dynamics and how they are revealed in our bodies. She explored conscious movement with teachers across

Europe and brings to her work inspirations from the 5 Rhythms, Contact Improvisation, Movement Medicine, Reconnect Dance and Zero One, among others. She also studied Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy with Tamalpa Institue and currently is taking the Somatic Experiencing training with Associação Brazileira do Trauma. 

Her home is in Sintra. This land and the immense ocean nearby are an endless source of insight, poetry and remembrance that all we’re here to do is to allow and serve the universal dance as it unfolds.



19th of February (Saturday)

10h - 18h


Tapada da Ajuda, Lisbon


Normal price - 70€

Student Price - 45€

* If you are not able to afford these prices, let us know to, we will find a solution!


To register, please fill up this form

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