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Free Your Dance!
w/ Constança Morais

new dates: 23 - 25 June 2023

The wisdom of the body


Free Your Dance!

'Truth will set you free', is written in that big book that us humans have been carrying and fighting over for so long. Simple as it is (we immediately recognize our essence when we touch it). Complex as it is (there are so many layers…). 


This workshop is an invitation to come to our senses and root in the intelligence of our animal nature... which will guide us through a new understanding of the subtleties and ways of life's energy and how they are revealed in our bodies and all our relations.


As our presence deepens, our consciousness and agency expands and we dare to go to disowned parts and avoided places inside... unneeded layers flesh off, we let go of control and inner conflict... we become more wholesome and attuned with life's movement... we become more free. 

Body's Wisdom

In this specific Free Your Dance workshop, you will use dance to befriend, regulate and empower your nervous system in order to bring more flow to your life. 

You will explore how to:

- use movement as a tool to resource yourself and reach an embodied state of presence and peace; 

- dance the integration between paradoxes, bringing softness and adaptability to places of inner rigidity and conflict;

- get to know a bit more your autonomous nervous system and how to help it become more functional; 

- cultivate awareness in the patterns that shape your inner and outer worlds;

- embrace what is alive in each moment (including the painful, the heavy and the frightening), breathe with it as it transforms and direct its energy to honor and serve life;

- find pleasure, lightness, fun and beauty in the midst of the troubled times we're living 


Day I (23/6): Foundations

Harvesting Resources

Organic Movement: following the body's wisdom

Expressive Movement: expanding the energetic spectrum

Day II (24/6): Body's Voice

Healthy animal: somatic intelligence & language

The memory and transformational power of your nervous system

Day III (25/6): (Un)Stuck

What blocks me? What moves me?

Empowerment and freedom through conscious dance

You are welcome!

Although no specific experience with dance or any kind of art is required, you do need to be available to show up in front of others, dismantle old narratives and beliefs and expand the limits of your comfort zone.

See here the course's promotional video.


About Constança


Constança started off as a consultant and trainer in social innovation, supporting collectives at finding ways to restore social and environmental health in our Earth spaceship. She realized something was missing in her economist efforts: we need to understand the roots and ways of emotions if we really want a new human culture to emerge! She has done intense research on life's energetic dynamics and how they are revealed in our bodies, having studied several movement meditation practices with teachers all over Europe,  Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy with the Tamalpa Institute and Somatic Experiencing with Associação Brasileira do Trauma. Her home is in Sintra. This land and the immense ocean nearby are an endless source of insight, poetry and remembrance that all we’re here to do is to allow and serve the universal dance as it unfolds.




Friday, 23/6: 14h - 19h

Saturday, 24/6: 13h - 18h

Sunday, 25/6: 11h - 17h (w/ shared lunch)

* It is important to have space and rest time around the workshop hours. We highly recommend you do not schedule any other commitments in these days.

** Partial participation is not possible. Please olnly register if you are sure you can attend in full. 


1st Slot (10 places): 150€  *sold out*

2nd Slot (10 places): 170€ *ongoing*

3rd Slot (10 places): 190€


*The discounted helper spots are taken


Centro Upaya

Calçada dos Sete Moinhos 143A



Course registration form (requires the payment of a non-refundable deposit of 60€)

For inquiries, write to

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