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1st Edition:
"Revelation = Revolution in Relation"

From 13 to 15 October in a magical farm in Sintra
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ations open on August 7th ~


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The first Ímpar Gathering is finally happening!!!


In this pilot edition, we will be a small group of 20 lucky dancers spending a weekend together on a magical farm, immersed in an ÍMPARallel universe where energy expands and flows beyond measure!

We hope to dance with you there!

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'Ímpar' in Portuguese means "odd" or "unpaired". It is also a perfect mesh of the words that define this project: 'impro' + 'par'  (pair)! Ímpar was born in Colares in 2019, when Constança and Pramod started mixing forró with contact improvisation... since then it has been developing and unfolding in multiple courses and workshops across the country, mixing many dances and other art forms.

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From morning to evening, there will be body awareness practices, playful games, workshops with different teachers and open spaces for participants to learn and experiment with each other... and, of course, the Ímpar jams! 


This edition, 'Revelation = Revolution in Relation', will be about exploring and opening up possibilities in how we relate to others. How do we give and receive in a relationship? When is it easy to trust, and when is it difficult? How much do we compromise to meet the other? How do our inner critics affect our authenticity? Dance will be our main door to discovering the revelations these questions hold for us. We explore improvised artmaking within the universes of different social dances (tango, forró, folk.. even fado!), harvest tools from contact improvisation and somatic movement and play with other arts such as clown and voice improv. The revolutions can me many:

- discovering and empowering parts of you that really want to have space to breathe and play

- going beyond your fears and reconnecting to the source of trust within

- feeling more "yourself" in your many dances in life

- increasing your vitality and movement possibilities

- turning couple dance into improvised artmaking

- shedding light and transforming limiting relationship patterns

Having said that, it is important that you understand that this will be your journey, your process... there is no expectation from us about what you should take away from it, how you should dance, etc... the only goal is that it is useful and enriching to you and to your needs of the moment. Come as you are and own the process :)

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Everyone is welcome to ÍMPAR if they come with respect and awareness. Some experience with couple dances or contact improvisation is recommended but not mandatory. Whoever comes should be willing to open mind and heart, show up in front of others and expand the limits of their comfort zone! You don't need to bring a dance partner (everyone will dance with everyone!)

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The gathering will happen in a beautiful farm in S. Pedro de Sintra, with wonderful dance spaces outdoors and indoors!

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Constança Morais - Improvisation in Couple Dance

Constança is passionate about movement in all its forms. She is a Somatic Experiencing therapist, a playful spirit and under Release - Embodied Arts project she organizes and facilitates several movement meditation and life-dance practices. She also happened to fall in love with contact improvisation and couple dances - from which Ímpar was born! 

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Inês Costa - Yoga in Duos  & Massage

Inês has already been part of several projects and processes of personal and collective transformation, but it was Yoga that proved to be the ruling philosophy in her life. Through movement, breathing, Asanas (postures) and Mythology, Inês guides her students to incorporate the teachings and become more conscious human beings. Through Thai massage, she works on touch, presence, rest, observation, silence... rare moments in a society that demands so much from everyone. The relationship with others begins with us!

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Ana Ladas - Dance Impro & Body-mind awareness

Ana Leonor Ladas has been driven since early age by a constant curiosity in understanding the nature of life and the human condition. This basic drive, together with a passion for Dance, led her to dedicate her life for over then 20 years to Dance, somatic and energetic practices where Body ∞ Mind Awareness, Breath and Presence are central. Supported by an extensive and profound professional and personal experience on Western and Eastern areas (such as Dance, Shiatsu, Aikido, Regenerating Movement and life itself), Improvisation and Instant Composition are the main field where she navigates, creates, transforms, shares with others and invites to join. The relation with the other is in the heart of creation

Andrea Vertessen - Voice Impro

Singer-songwriter, psychologist and music therapist, Andrea drives several projects in the area of ​​mental health and it is in musical creation that she finds her main vehicle for personal expression and social intervention. She has been exploring the world of voice and vocal improvisation as a working tool in the field of expression and emotional unlocking, with individual and group sessions. She writes songs for children and adults and takes part in several musical projects such as "Coro dos Anjos", "E ela" and "A tua Mãe".

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E Ela - Concert/Performance

E Ela is an original music project by Andrea Vertessen and Teresa Charata, with voice and guitar. Assuming itself as an intimate moment, this concert invites you to dive and listen internally, traveling through the harmonies, compositions and arrangements created together, from an authentic and safe place - where the simplicity of the music gives way to the power of the word. For the first time, they will invite us to dance to their music, creating a joint performance of movement and music.


- Participation & food: 180€ 

- Accommodation in tent for 2 nights: 15€ per person 

- Room with double bed and private toilet for 2 nights: 80€ per room (only 2 rooms available)

* there is no space to park the van inside of the farm but you can easily sleep nearby
* participation price includes 15h of workshops, 3 jams, 1 very special concert and 6 delicious organic vegetarian meals 
*it is possible to sleep outside the farm if you have a place to stay nearby

Friday, 13 Oct - 18h30 to 23h

Saturday, 14 Oct - 9h to 23h

Sunday, 15 Oct - 9h to 22h

To register, send us an email to 
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