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2nd Edition:

"Re.Pair = Authenticity & Attachment"

From 1 to 3 March 

at SerVivo (Palmela)

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After an amazing first edition in September 2023

the Ímpar Gathering is back!

Explore how to turn couple dance into improvised artmaking 

and in the meantime learn more about yourself

and transform limiting relationship patterns

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'Ímpar' in Portuguese means "odd" or "unpaired". It is also a perfect mesh of the words that define this project: 'impro' + 'par'  (pair)! Ímpar was born in Colares in 2019, when Constança and Pramod started mixing forró with contact improvisation... since then it has been developing and unfolding in multiple courses and workshops across the country, mixing many dances and other art forms.

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In this 2nd edition of the Ímpar Gathering, the theme'Re.Pair = Authenticity & Attachment' will guide us in a danced exploration around a major inner conflicts that undermine relationships and limit our dances: the choice we often feel we have to do between being our true selves versus bonding with others and belonging.


What if we could weave this apparent paradox into healthier forms of dancing and relating?

Through deep body-mind awareness practices, playful dance games and safe sharing circles, we will re.pair > find new ways of pairing in which our sense of authenticity is restored and our attachment wounded patterns are healed.

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Everyone is welcome to ÍMPAR if they come with respect and awareness. Some experience with couple dances or contact improvisation is recommended but not mandatory. Whoever comes should be willing to open mind and heart, show up in front of others and expand the limits of their comfort zone! You don't need to bring a dance partner (everyone will dance with everyone!)

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Constança Morais - Improvisation in Couple Dance

Constança is passionate about movement in all its forms. She is a Somatic Experiencing therapist, a playful spirit and under Release - Embodied Arts project she organizes and facilitates several movement meditation and life-dance practices. She also happened to fall in love with contact improvisation and couple dances - from which Ímpar was born! 

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Howard Sonenklar - Movement Research: Perception, Action, Integration

Howard Sonenklar (USA) was one of the pioneers of contact improvisation (C.I) in Portugal! In the last 40 years he has been involved in this practice and in several studies of movement, dance, theatre, contact improvisation and somatic integration techniques. He is highly respected for his teachings and most well-known for his integration of innovative movement research combining principles of perception, touch and alignment therapies.  

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Eric Gonçalves - Contact Massage

Eric has been helping people feel freer in their bodies for 20 years! Fascinated by the healing power of touch and human movement, he is in constant research in the areas of massage, body therapy, contact improvisation and martial arts, exploring the wisdom of the fundamental principles that are transversal to these practices. He is the founder of Expanded Body Works, a postural therapist and facilitator of innovative workshops that transform how we experience our bodies.


- Participation & food: 230€ early bird* / 250€ normal price

- Accommodation for 2 nights (optional):

  • dorm: 30€

  • private room: 50€

  • tent/van: 20€

* early bird finishes on 10th of February
* participation price includes 15h of workshops, 3 jams and 6 delicious organic vegetarian meals 
* it is possible to sleep outside SerVivo if you have a place to stay nearby

Friday, 1 March - 18h to 22h

Saturday, 2 March - 9h to 22h

Sunday, 3 March - 9h to 20h

This gathering is limited to 24 participants. 
To sign up, send us an email to  
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