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Root & Rise
An evening of Conscious Dance with Jo Hardy



We are so much more than we believe ourselves to be, personally and collectively. The dance is a deep teacher and medicine supporting us to open beyond the seduction of self-limitation as an act of surrender to the dance of life coming through us. 

You are warmly invited to a fun, lively, sweaty, immersive conscious dance journey. A journey to come home and root deeply in embodied presence as the basis, release the stuck-ness of unwanted baggage, and rise and awaken to the creative flow of each movement moment with authenticity and freshness. 

About The Teacher


Jo Hardy has been a Conscious Dance facilitator since 2004 (see her work at She is accredited to teach 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Open Floor. She was a faculty member of School of Movement Medicine for years and has taught in many lands with a focus on workshops in China. Currently, she has a program of online and live workshops alongside a transformational coaching mentoring and supervision practice.


Jo was also a psychotherapist, supervisor and senior trainer at The Karuna Institute on the professional psychotherapy training for many years. Her work is informed by body-based psychotherapy, meditation and mindfulness, dynamic heart inquiry, awakening teachings and Joanna Macy.



Monday 28/11 - 6.30 pm to 9 pm


25 € (lugares limitados) 


Centro Upaya

Calçada dos Sete Moinhos 143

1070-267 Lisbon


Register here.

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