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Space & Silence
19, 20 & 21 Aug 2022, Sintra

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Summer weekend workshop 

Dance Improvisation & Body ∞ Mind Awareness.


" Let me sit here, on the threshold of two worlds, lost in the eloquence of silence". " Let silence take you into the core of live". "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it". Rumi

How much silence exists in our daily life? Is silence necessary? What does it mean to be silent? Is it merely the absence of words or sounds?

Are we in Space or are we Space itself? What information resides in the vastness of Space? Are we ready and willing to dive in and discover? Where does Dance come from? Is Dance different from life itself?

In this summer workshop retreat we will dive deeply in exploration of these questions through the moving and creative body. Seven days of profound in-depth work into the sensible, physical and energetic body in interaction with others and nature.


This workshop retreat is an invitation:

- to a profound immersion into ourselves, to observe and contemplate the inner landscapes of our being

- to discover what silence is for each one and how can it be integrated in our daily lives

- to investigate the relation of space and silence

- to expand awareness and sensitivity

- to invite the mind to rest and ‘fall in its place’, giving space to the body intelligence

- to awaken our deep essence and simply to be a master within the unfolding of our path

- to meet and explore the unknow and to find ways to navigate comfortably in it

- to integrate, align & (re)connect body ∞ mind ∞ spirit

- to read through the body, the language of life itself

- to swim in our individual and collective imagination

- to serve as mirror and be mirrored by other bodies ∞ existences

- to be ‘drunk’ in joyfulness of being alive

- to be surprise, enchanted and ‘mesmerized’ by the mystery of life


In essence, it is an invitation to get closer to our authentic and original self, to simply ‘be’ and move, dance and create from this state.


My main role as a facilitator and guide is to create meaningful situations for deep exploration, setting a fertile ground for creativity to unfold and for Dance to emerge… 


… and we contemplate and celebrate the emergency of Dance! 


The work is based on Improvisation, Sensible Touch, Somatic and Energetic Practices, Visualization, Instant Composition, Performative Awareness and Contact with Nature. Breath is the ground that permeates all journey. There is an invitation for deep listening and courage to go with ‘what is’. The sessions are formed organically in the actual moment unfolding in direct relation with the present individual and group dynamics and what the situation is ‘asking for’.


Together we will tap into the deep source of our being, into the intelligence of Body - the microcosms of the universe and gate to spirit and beyond. Tuning into this source we activate an inner energetic field that has the power to regenerate and transform ourselves. This inner movements have a direct influence in the various fields of our existence and our activities in daily life.




Dance belongs to no-one and it is available to all that are willing to meet it. You are invited to come as you are. The workshop is open to all, from young adults, to adults to seniors. There is no age limit and no previous dance background is required. Nevertheless, what is required is a genuine willingness and interest to dive within and discover oneself through the moving body in a context of a group.


How much we engage in the integrity and responsibility of this journey of self-discovery is up to each one of us. Each person is invited and supported to follow their own path and rhythm. 



OPEN CLASS ! Thursday, 4th August at Quinta Ten Chi

5 pm — Performance on location at the garden of Tenchi (Ana Leonor Ladas - dance and Patricia Domingues - voice)

6 pm - 6.30 pm — Talk answer & questions

7 pm - 9.30 pm — Open class Dance improvisation & Body∞Mind awareness 

About Ana Leonor Ladas


Dancer, teacher, improviser, creator and shiatsu practitioner, Ana has been driven by a constant curiosity in understanding the nature of life and the human condition.

This basic drive led her to dedicate her life for over 20 years to Dance, somatic and energetic practices, where Body Mind awareness is central. She studied at the Dance Academy in Arnhem (Holland) and, for many years, she worked in dance companies and with independent choreographers. In parallel she was developing her own creations.

A radical transformation and re-orientation happened when she met, worked and shared the life style with Min Tanaka at the Body Weather Farm in Japan (2006-2010). Here many seeds were planted in her heart. This profound and transformative experience, the constant auto-didactic learnings, discoveries and investigation of Ana, establish a ground and foundation for the evolution and development of her path as an artist, teacher, creator and human being in general. Through the years these ‘seeds’ have been sprouting and maturing in its own ground, on her own body and life. Presently her teaching work is shared through regular classes, workshops, retreats, as well through the simple daily living.

Video from the previous 2 days workshop 'States of Presence' with Ana Leonor Ladas



Friday, 19th Aug 2022 from 6.30 pm – 9.30 pm

Saturday, 20th Aug 2022 from 8 am – 6 pm
Sunday, 21th 
Aug 2022 from 8 am – 6 pm


Quinta Ten Chi,



Full amount 150 €
EARLY BIRD INSCRIPTION - 120 € (Deadline 7th August 2022) 

5% discount through Release - Embodied Arts


To register to the workshop or to the open class, send us an email to

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