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WHITEBOX is the open space where anything can happen, in a cadence of moments enhanced by rhythm, sound, brushstroke, message and movement of creative bodies.

We will work work on voice, body, movement, intuitive painting, interaction, connection and sharing, through improvisation, opening and liberation, at the service of creativity.

We will awaken your own song and nourish with color what is present, through the composition of a canvas, a reflection of the creative Self, free and whole. Intuitively, together we will compose your canvas, opening up perception and embracing your inspiration. Each gesture and layer will be a journey along an individual, unique path, which becomes a memory charged with energy and visual poetry; a painting.

We are the manifestation of being in its ability to feel, listen and improvise. Exploring our depth, we will come into contact with infinite possibilities of creation, creating art pieces.


Each participant will have access to an artwork kit and a canvas to work on throughout the day. At the end, you'll have a piece that was built by you and that you can take home, together with your kit.



> Self-knowledge

> Presence, openness and active listening

> Trust and surrender

> Going out of your comfort zone

> Unlocking internal fears and judgments

> Discovery space for a new look at yourself

> Experience the creative process guided by intuition

> Exploration of the body as an instrument

> Development of melodic and rhythmic skills

> Auditory training and musical sensitivity

> Leadership skills and focus

> Individual and group connection

> Fluency in the mix of artistic languages

About Marta & Rizumik


RIZUMIK is an award-winning artist, mostly known for his rhythmic and improvisational talents, using mostly beatbox, singing, percussion, dance, humor and acting. He has worked with Cirque du Soleil, The Voca People and was also part of the teaching team in Bobby McFerrin's Circle Singing course at the Omega Institute in NY. He has worked around the world with several artists, musicians, choirs, school classes, improvisation groups and residences, having collaborated with institutions such as NYU, Carnegie Hall, University of Virginia or Beat Global. Nowadays, in addition to performance through improvised and interactive concerts, and his one man show Shape Shifter, he teaches private classes, does coaching / mentoring, and facilitates workshops, retreats and artistic residencies.


He values ​​musicality, humor and movement above all through absolute spontaneity, and firmly believes in a spiritual and sacred approach to musical practice and sound experiences.


In parallel to her trajectory as an artist, Marta is in love with the intimate relationship that exists between Life and Art. Since 2015, she has been A guardian of free artistic expression spaces. It works in the form of one-to-one individual mentoring, workshops, experiences, online courses, retreats and residencies, opening spaces and paths for a deep connection with art and intuition through the exploration of different languages: drawing, intuitive painting, voice, movement, dance and writing.

She is the founder of Creative Souls, a collective body that experiences, explores and blows Art into the world. All the experiences Marta creates are focused on self-knowledge, connection, transformation, empowerment, healing, expansion of human development and evolution, using creativity as a source of energy and liberation, aligned with the path of the heart. She believes that Art is pure medicine for the Soul and the key to a New World. It's what moves her.



~ JANUARY 23 (Sunday) ~

10 am > Beginning  ~ Opening circle

10am-1pm > Connection

1pm-2:30pm > Lunch

2:30pm – 7:30pm > Immersion

7:30pm > Ending ~ Closing circle


Launch discount (until the 15th of January) - 100€

Normal Price - 130 €


~ Activities with 2 facilitators (total of 7 hours)

~ Vegetarian lunch (dish, salad and dessert)

~ Artistic kit per participant (canvas, brushes, markers, paints)


Miau Associação Cultural

Bairro do Alvito



To register, send us an email to

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