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Adam Barley

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Adam Barley is a movement catalyst, author, and the founder of ZeroOne, an evolving mystery school based on embodiment, presence and enquiry. He has built a world-wide reputation for transformative embodiment experiences that combine influences from dance, voicework, tantra, meditation and trauma-informed therapies.

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"I knew from a very early age that I longed to be a pilgrim. With a first glimpse of the truth aged 17, I set out to find my feet a year later, but naturally, the pathway I found was far more tortuous and difficult than I expected. Years and years of feeling utterly lost.

My first step into movement as a practice was Osho’s ‘Dynamic Meditation’, but it was Gabrielle Roth’s work, the 5Rhythms, that grabbed me by both feet a few years later. Gabrielle was a major life-teacher for me. I was profoundly in love, and in awe, and utterly committed to her work. I never thought I’d leave. 

Then in 2016, I caught a glimpse of the process of change, growth, and evolution in the most unlikely of places — a remarkable mathematical equation. By some wild grace I found the core vision for ZeroOne via a lesson at school that I never forgot along with a passion for altered states of consciousness and understanding this reality we live in. I bring a deep commitment to the synthesis of radical awakening and artistic expression through movement practice, and a devotion to embodied experience as a 24/7 discipline. I have learnt the hard way that movement alone is not enough; we need to speak the truth in words too. So be it. "


ZeroOne: Movement workshops

An evolving mystery school wherein we can practice the art of unknowing and the art of being, through embodiment and enquiry. A place to enter into a state of wonder and awe through movement and dance, encountering other humans who are willing to undertake a journey with no destination, where the path is all there is. 

MovingNow: Embodied leadership and team development sessions

Designed for people in the situation of creating new ways of doing business and aimed at enhancing human wellness, or actively tackling the environmental breakdown that is already here, or even undergoing high levels of stress, change overwhelm or burnout, and see that as part of what’s happening collectively rather than personal failings. 

Pathways Home: Individual Coaching

Online 1-1 work sessions to navigate through difficult challenges or aimed goals. The focus here is on helping you see how to use movement and enquiry to investigate and explore current experiences that are coming up in your life and/or on the dance floor. 


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I have come back home and I realize how deeply i was touched by this workshop. Being allowed to explore more freely than ever before some of mine desowned  parts has truly moved something within me. A very honest and intimate experience.

- Jerôme - 



Your work has taught me to be credible when I communicate, and enabled me to successfully influence those around me. I have lost my fear of being emotionally visible and gained the courage to reveal my integrity and passion in the work place.

- Richard Epworth -



I rarely encounter people who I feel can truly hold space for me, with whom my nervous system feels enough trust to truly relax. When I found myself in tears within a few moments of our first session, I knew I was in solid hands.

- Tasha Blank - 

Hear the impressions about Adam's Lifepaths program


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