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Weekly practice of  movement meditation

sometimes with LIVE MUSIC 

facilitated by Constança Morais

A practice of deep awareness and trust in life's intelligence, which takes you where you need to go. The structure of the sessions offers the possibility for each person to develop the movement meditation practice that serves their path and relations. It follows Constança's life-dance approach: Resource > Embody > Release > Integrate

"We begin with listening to the emergent body-mind. What arises there gets enveloped in a somatic movement that eventually develops into a creative expression of the energy that moves us."

The music and the group will support you in the process of bringing movement to what is stuck and integrating it into a new dance.


Schedule & Venue

Corpo Livre classes weekly on Sunday evenings from 19h to 21h.

Centro Upaya - Calçada dos Sete Moinhos 143A, Lisboa (easy parking at R. Bela Flor)


* Please arrive some minutes before the start. It won't be possible to enter the space after 19h10. 

** Join the Corpo Livre whatsapp group to get reminders about the sessions and connect with the community!

About Constança


Constança is dedicated to an intense research on life's energetic dynamics and how they are revealed in our bodies. She explored several movement meditation practices with teachers all over Europe, studied Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy at Tamalpa Institute and Somatic Experiencing with Liana Netto at Associação Brasileira do Trauma. Her home is in Sintra. This land and the immense ocean nearby are an endless source of insight, poetry and remembrance that all we’re here to do is to allow and serve the universal dance as it unfolds.

Prices & Registration

Drop-in: 15€

4 class card: 50€
6 class card: 70€

*Remember that as a Release member you get 10% discount on this event :)

In case you aren't a member yet but you want to become one, you can do it by filling this form.

Registration at the door.

For inquiries, write to

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