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1st and 3rd Saturday of each month

from 11h to 13h30 in Colares

~ opening party: November 4, 2023 ~

(free entrance)

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Join the imparallel universe of improvised couple dance!

On the first and third Saturday of each month, we gather to connect, play and co-create beautiful couple dances to the sound of hectic music sets that will take you on a world journey through the sounds of tango, funaná, forró, blues, fado, kizomba, mazurka... and much more!

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'Ímpar' in Portuguese means "odd" or "unpaired". It is also a perfect mesh of the words that define this project: 'impro' + 'par'  (pair)! Ímpar was born in Colares in 2019, when Constança and Pramod started mixing forró with contact improvisation... since then it has been developing and unfolding in multiple courses and workshops across the country, mixing many dances and other art forms.

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The Baile Ímpar could be seen as a mix of a contact improvisation jam and a social dance ball! It often looks like contact improvisation, but there is the couple dance embrace where we keep returning to, and we usually dance an entire song with the same person. It sounds like a social dance ball, only it is hectic, goes against all rules and mixes everything ;)


There is a 40min warm-up in the beginning, usually guided by Constança Morais. In this warm-up there will be some games and investigations that prepare your body-mind and open up possibilities for stylish and pleasurable invented couple dances. After that, there is free dancing and everyone dances with everyone. In this playground there is no right and wrong, we radically challenge the status quo! It is lots of fun ;)

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Everyone is welcome to ÍMPAR if they come with respect and awareness. Some experience with couple dances or contact improvisation is recommended but not mandatory. Whoever comes should be willing to open their mind and heart, show up in front of others and expand the limits of their comfort zone! You don't need to bring a dance partner (everyone dances with everyone!)

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Constança Morais 

Constança is passionate about movement in all its forms. She is a Somatic Experiencing therapist, a playful spirit and under Release - Embodied Arts project she organizes and facilitates several movement meditation and life-dance practices. She also happened to fall in love with contact improvisation and couple dances - from which Ímpar was born! 


- Drop-in: 8 

- Monthly (2 bailes): 12*

Paid at the door (no pre-registration required)

* monthly packages only available to Colarense Members - to become a Colarense Member, you must pay a yearly member fee of 12€ (it gives you discount in other activities happening in Colarense). 


First and third Saturday of each month, from 11h to 13h30 in Colarense (Rua dos Marinheiros, Colares) - Google maps link here


You can arrive and leave at any time - however, we highly recommend you arrive for the beginning, as the warm-up is like a mini-class that can add much to your dance.

You can join Corpo Livre whatsapp group here, where Constança posts updates about the Bailes Ímpar and other events she organizes.

For any questions, write us to

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