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Embodiment for community projects in Portugal

20 - 21 September 2022
Workshop with Adam Barley on 'Intra- and inter-personal dynamics in the creation of community projects'.  Open Call for Applications!

Adam is the founder of ZeroOne, a new creative movement practice, and has built a world-wide reputation for powerfully transformative embodiment work. He recognized in Portugal a rare force for change in the direction he believes is the path for Humanity, and his contribution to this program is truly a unique opportunity!

"We will use movement and dance to open up and explore some of the intra- and inter-personal dynamics that are happening within the creation of community projects. Embodiment cuts through to the heart of things, helps us get real and show up as we are deep down with each other, giving us a chance to revision and encourage change for the benefit of everyone. "

About Adam


Adam Barley (UK) began studying healing and meditation in the early '80s, training with Gabrielle Roth in the '90s to teach the 5Rhythms, and now teaches all over the world his own method called ZeroOne: a movement meditation practice for individual and collective evolution.

"I'm a big cat hunter and a butterfly with a broken wing, with a teaching style that tends to both depth and vulnerability. I have faith in us human beings, and am passionately committed to being part of the evolutionary jump we are engaged in."

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20/9 (Tuesday), 10:00 to 17:00
21/9 (Wednesday) 10:00 to 17:00
It is important that all participants stay for the entire duration of the workshop, with no exceptions.

Call for Applications 

Any community project located in Continental Portugal can apply to be the receiver of Adam's workshop. The deadline for applications is 5/9/2022 at 24:00 (Portuguese time)! From the applicants, one project will be selected to host this workshop. 


 In order to apply, a “manifesting team” made up of at least 2 members of the community project must send an email to with :

• Full names and contact details of the manifesting team members;

• 1-2 paragraphs with the main information about the community project (name, mission, history, organizational structure and web links);

• 1-2 paragraphs explaining the motivations shared by the project members to apply for this workshop (what is the need behind it? why will the workshop be useful to achieve your mission?);

• 1 paragraph explaining the feasibility plan to manifest this workshop (how to ensure the venue, sound system, travel expenses, food and accommodation - see the prerequisites listed below)

• 2/3 photographs of the dancefloor where the workshop may happen, and contacts of the person/entity managing it;

• Technical specifications of the sound material available for the workshop;

• Scan of a sheet with the names, ages and signatures of those who commit to participate in the workshop (minimum 12 people);

The members of the manifesting team will be the main points of contact in all communications with Release - Embodied Arts Portugal, as well as the main responsible people for making the workshop happen with ease and flow (i.e. communicating with the participants, setting up the venue, arranging for lunch solutions, etc.).


This is a non-profit initiative. However, several material conditions need to be ensured by the awarded project (how to obtain them is at the discretion of the manifesting team):

1) dancefloor suitable to the amount of participants (ideally >2.5sqm per person) with sound equipment (ideally PA with subwoofer). Adam will bring his own mixer ;)

2) food & accommodation for Adam and a Release staff member

3) travel cost coverage for Adam and Release staff (tbd, but no more than 150€)

This event does not involve financial remuneration, either for the work of Adam, or for that of Release staff or the manifesting team. If the manifesting team chooses to ask for donations or to charge a fixed price from the participants to meet the prerequisites listed above, any remaining money should revert to a social/environmental cause.

Selection Process

The chosen project will be elected by Adam and Release – Embodied Arts staff according to relevance (where is the workshop most useful?) and feasibility (where will it work out well logistically?) criteria. The result will be communicated to all applicants by 7/9/2022.

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