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We - Space ll:
The Threads of our Ancestors

Conscious Dance & Inquiry w/ Jo Hardy
13 - 16 June 2024, Ten-Chi Sintra 


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‘Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future
and time future contained in time past.’

TS Elliot Burnt Norton

‘Your ancestors did not survive everything that nearly ended them for you to shrink yourself to make someone else comfortable. This sacrifice is your war-cry, be loud, be everything and make them proud.’

Nikita Gill

My ancestors are calling, My ancestors are calling
They call to remind me who I am, They call to remind me what I am 
They call to remind what I should be
My ancestors are calling …’

Qiniso Mogale

 We - Space II will be an immersive conscious dance journey into awakening the threads of connection with our ancestors - both embracing their gifts and resilience and giving space and care to healing some of the suffering. 


On the dance floor we fall into wild, spontaneous, dances together and we experience the profound inter-connectedness of life. This resource both deeply grounds us in the body and enlivens our awake-ness. From this space we will dive into reclaiming the threads of our ancestral lineages - the good the troubled and the disowned. During this workshop we will :

  • Resource deeply in the dance - grounding in the body and opening to awake-ness

  • Support and inspire each other

  • Get curious about the wounds and suffering of our ancestors that live on in our own embodiment

  • Awaken and embrace places of shame, numbness and the transgressions of our ancestors.

  • Dance the undigested, dance for reclamation and dance for forgiveness

  • Learn to stand more fully in our lineage with honesty and open relation to 'things as they are'.

The more fully we stand in our lineage with love, honesty and forgiveness the more we open beyond our edges of numbness and undigested emotion. Deepening together, the We-Space becomes a richer and more present ‘field’ of love; compassionate, joyful, vibrant and intimate beyond separation.








About The Teacher


Jo Hardy has been a Conscious Dance facilitator since 2004 (see her work at She is accredited to teach 5 Rhythms, Movement Medicine and Open Floor. She was a faculty member of School of Movement Medicine for years and has taught in many lands with a focus on workshops in China. Currently, she has a program of online and live workshops alongside a transformational coaching mentoring and supervision practice.


Jo was also a psychotherapist, supervisor and senior trainer at The Karuna Institute on the professional psychotherapy training for many years. Her work is informed by body-based psychotherapy, meditation and mindfulness, dynamic heart inquiry, awakening teachings and Joanna Macy.


Hear the participants of Jo’s last event in Lisbon (We-Space I).

About the workshop (by Jo's words)



From Thursday (holiday) 13 to Sunday 16 of June, from 10h30 to 17h each day.


The price for the 4 day-workshop is divided into 2 slots, depending on when you register:

  • First Slot: 295€ (first 15 registrations) - SOLD OUT

  • Second Slot: 320€ (remaining registrations) - ONGOING

Optionally, you may opt for sleep over at Ten-Chi, in tent (7€/night) or bunk bed (10€/night + 5€ if bedding is required). 

We will also arrange a catering option for those who wish. An email with the details will be sent to the participants later on.


- 10 % for Release Members (you can become one by quickly filling up this form)

- 30% for students or people in situation of unemployment (send us an email with proof of your status to request this discount)

*the discounts are not cumulative


Quinta Ten-Chi

R. Moinho do Gato, 2710-650 Sintra, Portugal

You can get there by train (to Portela de Sintra) or shared ride (we will connect participants to arrange lifts)


Register here.

For any inquiries, write us to

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