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Free Your Dance!
w/ Constança Morais 
25 , 27 and 28 of April - Oporto


As our presence deepens

our consciousness and agency expands

we dare to go to disowned parts and avoided places inside

 unneeded layers flesh off

we let go of control and inner conflict

we become more wholesome and attuned with life's movement

we become more free


This course is an introduction to Constança's life-dance approach - a movement practice that unlocks your physical, emotional and mental bodies, supporting the unfolding of your human evolutionary processes. 

It is an invitation to come to your senses and root in the intelligence of your animal nature, which will guide you through a new understanding on the subtleties and power of life's energy and how it is revealed in your bodies and all your relations.

it is simple

the challenge is in keeping it simple


25 Apr (holiday) — Life-dance pillars

  • Somatic Resources: regulating the nervous system through movement meditation

  • Curiosity: the art of self-witnessing and following the threads of the body

  • Creativity: empowering our embodied expression

27 Apr — Unlocking the three bodies through dance

  • Physical body: renegotiating with the "guardians" of tension in the body 

  • Mental body: unwinding mind's loops, patterns and stories

  • Emotional body: allowing the wisdom of joy, fear, sadness and anger

28 Apr — Dancing life themes

  • Memory & movement 

  • Release & transform

  • Speaking in truth

Hopefully, by the end, you will feel inspired and able to sustain a movement practice that support your personal life processes.


About Constança


Constança is dedicated to an intense research on life's energetic dynamics and how they are revealed in our bodies. She explored several movement meditation practices with teachers all over Europe, studied Movement-based Expressive Arts Therapy at Tamalpa Institute and Somatic Experiencing with Liana Netto at Associação Brasileira do Trauma. Her home is in Sintra. This land and the immense ocean nearby are an endless source of insight, poetry and remembrance that all we’re here to do is to allow and serve the universal dance as it unfolds.



First slot (10 places): 130€ - ongoing

Second slot (10 places): 160€

Third slot (10 places): 180€


- 10 % for Release Members (you can become one by quickly filling up this form)

- 20% if you attend Ecstatic Dance on 21 April (Constança is opening!)

- 30% for students or people in situation of unemployment (send us an email with proof of your status to request this discount)

*the discounts are not cumulative


Thursday, 25 April - 13h to 18

Saturday, 27 April - 13h to 18h

Sunday, 28 April - 11h to 17h



​Fátima Valle da Veiga Dance School, R. do Mal. Saldanha 145 3º, 4150-025 Porto


Course registration form 

For inquiries, write to

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