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ÍMPAR - Improvisation in Pair
a course with Constança & Pramod
from 5/Feb to 5/Mar at Centro Upaya 
> open class 29/Jan <

'Ímpar' in Portuguese means "odd" or "unpaired". It is also a perfect mesh of the words that define this project: 'impro' + 'par'  (pair)!


Constança and Pramod mix the tradition and magic of couple dances (forró, tango, funaná, etc.) with contact and theater improvisation, finding new freedoms and possibilities for you. Through body awareness exercises and playful games, you will turn couple dance into improvised artmaking!

In this course you will:

- get to know yourself a bit more and discover parts of you that really want to have space to breathe and play

- go beyond your fears and reconnect to the source of trust within, from which you can feel "yourself" in your many dances in life

- release what is tense and awaken what is dormant in your body, increasing your vitality and movement possibilities

- allow yourself to explore different ways of relating to others in a safe and fun environment

- gain useful insights about your nervous system, body-mind dialogue, relationship patterns, sexuality, ...

No previous dance experience required, but you should be willing to come with an open mind and heart, show up in front of others and expand the limits of your comfort zone!


The course is composed by 3 long workshops (18h to 22h), which happen every other Sunday over one month.

5/2 Foundations: Finding your body and spirit in the dance

We start slowly and smoothly, with a felt understanding of the principles that enable you to "feel good in your skin" and attuned in couple dances, contact improvisation and life in general! Some of the things we might explore: body awareness, motricity & balance, weight sharing, tension & softness, lifts and falls, guiding & following ...

19/2 Connection: Dancing with the yin-yang 

Experimenting with the feminine and masculine energies. Practicing the art of deep listening: to yourself, the other, the music and the movement that emerges. Also practicing the art of being silly and having fun with "mistakes". Your musicality, empathy, trust, intuition, intention, spontaneity and playfulness will be put to test in this class :)

5/3 Creativity: Dance as art!

We'll bring theater impro into the mix - why not? We will find ways of expanding our creativity with roleplaying and storytelling in the dance! For this, we will explore the universes within each couple dance - forró, tango, kizomba, funaná, valse... and discover different parts of us in each of them!


Don't know yet the work of Pramod and Constança? There will be an Ímpar open class in Release Anniversary Open Day, on the 29th of January from 15h to 17h. Register here

About the Teachers


Constança Morais is passionate about movement in all its forms. Under Release - Embodied Arts project, she organizes and facilitates several embodiment practices, including movement meditation, life/art process and contact improvisation. She also happened to fall in love with Forró - mostly because of the feeling it gives her! She loves to transmit that feeling to others and for that she founded Ímpar!


Pramod facilitates Contact-Improvisation and works as a Bioenergetic Body Psychotherapist. He also teaches and learns Osho Active Meditation and Martial Arts, and loves everything about dancing with life, investigating, improvising, and collectivizing. Throughout his life, he has participated in the foundation of several Dance-Theatre-Performance projects. He promotes human connection through dance in retreats and festivals for more than 20 years (see more at Encontros do Umbigo)



18h - 22h

We offer soup during a short break at 20h. Bring extra snacks if you like!


1st Slot (10 places): 100€ individual / 180€ couple *sold out*

2nd Slot (10 places): 120€ individual / 220€ couple *ongoing*

3rd Slot (10 places): 140€ individual / 260€ couple 

You are more than welcome to register without a partner! Everyone will dance with everyone!


Centro Upaya 

Calçada dos 7 Moinhos 143, Lisboa

(next to Campolide train station)


- Register for the course here 


- Register for the open class here 


For inquiries, send a message to +351 914613323 (Pramod) or send an email to

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