ÍMPAR - Improvisation in Pair
with Constança & Pramod
22 November, 18h - 23h

'Ímpar' in Portuguese means "odd" or "unpaired". It is also a perfect mesh of the words that define this project: 'impro' + 'par'  (pair)!


In this workshop, Constança and Pramod will mix the tradition and magic of forró (a Brazilian couple dance) with contact improvisation, finding new freedoms and possibilities. Through body awareness exercises and playful games, you will turn couple dance into improvised artmaking which embodies the energy of an adventurous partnership (not that of a boring marriage...!). By bringing attention to the small, the subtle, the invisible, you will invent our own 'dancesutra' on the spot... 

About the teachers


Constança Morais is passionate about dance and movement in all its forms. Under Release - Embodied Arts project, she organizes and facilitates several embodiment practices, including movement meditation, life-art process and contact improvisation. She also happened to fall in love with Forró - mostly because of the feeling it gives her! She loves to transmit that feeling to others and for that she founded Forró in Sintra.



Pramod facilitates Contact-Improvisation and works as a Bioenergetic Body Psychotherapist. He also teaches and learns Osho Active Meditation and Martial Arts, and loves everything about dancing with life, investigating, improvising, and collectivizing. Throughout his life, he has participated in the foundation of several Dance-Theatre-Performance projects. He promotes human connection through dance in retreats and festivals for more than 20 years (see more at Encontros do Umbigo)



18h - 21h Intensive Workshop

21h - 23h Shared dinner & DJ Set


Early Bird (until 15-November): 20€

Normal Price: 25€

We offer 2 discounted helper spots. If currently money is an impediment for your participation, we encouradge you to apply! Send an email to releaseembodiedarts@gmail.com


Espaço Hangar 

R. de Campolide 27, Lisboa


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