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Release Anniversary 

18th of February at Centro Upaya

Lançamento Aniv New-4.png


The current times are asking us to simplify, so we will celebrate this anniversary in a spacial Corpo Livre Session at our beloved Centro Upaya ;)

We call the Release family to celebrate our second anniversary!

our community is growing and deepening its connection by the day

we’ve been together in very intense and important moments

throughout the powerful workshops and dances in the last year

moments that reminded us that we are not alone

that we belong to a wider human network

that is with us in this evolutionary process that we call life

We would love to gather the tribe and dance our fullest dances together in this day!

We are becoming official and we have gifts for you!

We will also present Release’s future plans and invite you to become an official member of our association with exciting benefits! ... aaaand we will give away 2 cards of 4 Corpo Livre classes to two of the first 20 people who become a member of our association :)


If it is not raining, we would be love to share food and laughter with you at Parque Urbano da Bela Flor! After that, we have a special Corpo Livre Session with Constança, followed by cake and soup at Centro Upaya :)


- 16h30 - 18h30 Picnic at Parque Urbano da Bela Flor

- 19:00h - 21:00h Anniversary Corpo Livre Session at Centro Upaya

- 21:00 Soup, Cake & Celebration!

To join this celebration:

1) add yourself to the Release Anniversary WhatsApp group via this link to be in touch with us 

2) bring food to share in the picnic and a special object for the altar that we will co-create on the dancefloor

3) we ask for the normal contribution of 15€ for corpo livre (paid at the door!)

We look forward to hugging you there!

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